Hampshire County lies in both the WV Eastern Panhandle and the Potomac Highland regions, and is designated part of the Winchester VA-WV Metropolitan Statistical Area.  Created by the Virginia General Assembly in 1753, Hampshire is the oldest county in the state of West Virginia. Steeped in tradition, the people of Hampshire harbor a deep regard for their historic past and their Americana community based quality of life.  Located less than 2-3 hours from the largest cultural centers of the United States; Hampshire citizens enjoy ready access to national museums, sports, music and art centers while living in a rural, beautiful, natural, historic and safe community.

Hampshire overall crime rate is 70% lower than the national average.

With low taxes and affordable real estate prices, quality schools and community based values; Hampshire is the perfect location to grow a business.

Hampshire facts:

  • Population – 24,000
  • Area- 644.6 sq. miles

U.S. Census Quick Facts: Hampshire County, West Virginia

WV Workforce and Labor Statistics (Select Hampshire)