Applying for the HUBZone Program

Before applying for HUBZone Certification it is important you understand the program requirements as well as the information you will required supplying to verify eligibility. Following the submission of the application Small Business Concerns (SBC’s) must supply all supporting documents within 10 days.  In accordance to 126.300 the SBA will not review incomplete packages therefore it is critical that all information is provided by the due date.

Before Applying for the HUBZone program it is recommended that you take advantage of the tools and resources available to help prepare your small business for the application process.

Small Business Administration HUBZone Application Guide:

Eligibility and Certification Requirements:


Pre-requisites: Registering Your Small Business

There are several important registrations that must be completed before you can start the electronic application process:

Business Registration: Your Small Business must be registered to do business with the Secretary of State.

DUN & BRADSTREET:  Each headquarters and branch office must be registered so that it will have its own D&B ID number known as a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS).

System for Award Management (SAM): The firm’s Employer’s Identification Number/Tax Identification Number (EIN/TIN) must be registered. (NOTE- the principal office address that is applying for HUBZone certification must be entered in the SAM profile associated with DUNS appropriate for this specific physical location.).  You must register in your legal name.

Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) : DSBS profiles will reflect each firm’s certification status.


Application Process Steps


1. Create a General Login Account (GLS)


2. Update Profile

  • Once logged into the GLS click on the Profile tab at the top of the screen
  • Scroll down an and click add new business
  • Enter your EIN and Duns Number
  • Press Submit


3. Register for the HUBZone Application

  • At the top of the screen click on the Access Tab
  • Scroll Down and select the HUBZone File Folder
  • Select your Tax ID number
  • Press Submit
  • On the Main Page you will see a HUBZone Icon populate, click it
  • Click on HUBZone Electronic Application
  • Click Start Application Process


4. Submitting the HUBZone Application

  • The application will prompt you through the screens to submit the application
  • Following submission the highest ranking officer will receive an automated email instructing you to log into the (GLS) system to authorize the application.
  • Prior to authorization be sure to review the application for accuracy; if need you may edit the application.
  • Once you have reviewed your application and are confident the information is true and correct you must authorize the application for submission. The date of authorization becomes your Electronic Verification Date.

Definition: This the date when the SBC’s highest ranking official asserts to the SBA that the firm is in compliance with the HUBZone Program eligibility requirements also known as the authorization date. All supporting documentation MUST cover the time of electronic verification. Submission of information that does not include, or cover, the time of electronic verification may result in the firm’s application being withdrawn or declined.


5. Supporting Documentation

  • Following authorization you will have 10 business days to upload the supporting documentation to your applicable business structure.
  • All items on the documentation list MUST be accounted for, if an item is not applicable to your organization a statement must be supplied explaining why.
  • All documents are to be uploaded via a cloud based application, the document request supplies specific instructions on the format and titling for each document. Failure to adhere to the defined format and direction could lead to significant delays.
  • Signature Sheet- Within the document requests applicants will be provided a templated affidavit that needs be signed and notarized, in addition to being uploaded this document must be mailed via traceable means to SBA.


Document Request:

HUBZone Supporting Document Request by corporate structure.