Program Benefits

HUBZone Program Benefits

The SBA HUBZone program requires that 3% of all Federal Prime contracting dollars awarded are to be set aside for HUBZone SBC’s. In FY 2015 the total eligible contracting dollars was $352,291,573,414 which equates to $10,568,747,202 dollars that are to be allocated to HUBZone SBC’s.  According to the Small Administration there are approximately 28 million small businesses in America. As of October 2016 the Dynamic Small Business search registers a total of 5,688 HUBZone profiles, this number does not account for those businesses with multiple locations which reduces the overall HUBZone portfolio to approximately 4500 companies.


Certified SBC’s per DSBS
Women Owned68,679


Obligated Dollars3% Prime GoalAchieved ($)Achieved(%) 3% Sub GoalAchieved ($)Achieved(%)


Exclusive Set-Aside Federal Contracts

The HUBZone Program provides certified companies an exclusive field of set-aside Federal Government contracts.

10% Price Advantage over competition

10% price evaluation preference in full and open contract competitions, as well as subcontracting opportunities.

U.S. Federal Government 3% Procurement Goals

The federal government has a goal of awarding 3% of all dollars for federal prime contracts to HUBZone-certified small business concerns.

Subcontracting Opportunities

The HUBZone program provides subcontracting opportunities to certified HUBZone firms by requiring larger firms to provide an allocation of contractual efforts when amounts are greater than $550,000.