Beyond being an ideal business location, Hampshire County is nestled in a hub where education, healthcare, recreation, arts, and culture mesh to create an enjoyable and serene quality of life. Much like our rivers, life in Hampshire is not too rapid and not too still – always moving and growing with a steadfast sense of community and quality of life.

Hampshire County, the oldest county in West Virginia has a unique connection with our nation’s history carved with strong ties to southern culture. Surrounded by farms, orchards, vast stands of timber and mountains, land is worked today much like it was a century before providing economic sustainability and growth. The protection and preservation of its past and rich history provides influence and direction for leadership. Small manufacturing operations and business retail development in combination with recreational, heritage and agritourism provide economic stability and opportunity.

Life in Hampshire can best be defined as a balance between education, healthcare, recreation, retail shopping, arts, culture and heritage. Community benefits include many historical sites, culture, heritage arts and recreational activities enjoyed by residents and visitors of all ages. Follow the respective links to learn more about life in Hampshire.

Hampshire provides an attractive alternative to businesses struggling with the increasing operational cost, competing dynamics and chaos of large growing metropolitan areas.

With focus on education, heritage, camaraderie, and culture, Hampshire has a unique sense of place, pride and purpose. Perfect for business, employees and family.