Outdoor enthusiasts can find home in Hampshire County through everything from canoeing to camping. Hosting not only a lush natural beautiful, local parks, and hunting land, Hampshire also provides a host of outdoor recreation. As West Virginia’s oldest county, Hampshire delves into the historic with activities and landmarks that remain from yesteryears.


The county also offers a unique experience through charming getaways that range from award winning vacation resorts to local campgrounds along the South Branch river


Along with recreational activities and relaxing getaways, the county offers a wide variety of local shopping that ranges from cultural variety boutiques and fine jewelry stores to antique shops.


Along with a variety of outdoor activities, local shopping and cultural getaways, Hampshire also has a host of activity programs offered through the Hampshire County Public Library each month as well as shows and workshops hosted by the Hampshire County Arts Council.

Blending the energy of the present with the heritage legacy of the past, Hampshire provides a hub of activity that combines the area’s natural beauty and historic culture with modern recreation for residents and visitors.