Types of Businesses

Timber and Wood Products companies employ residents at all stages of the industry – logging, hauling, milling, mulch and high quality finish product. With well managed forest plans and proximity to Eastern byways and markets, eligibility for Hubzone priority for government contracting and New Market Tax Credits – Hampshire County is a key player in wood product manufacturing.



Agriculture: The economy in Hampshire County is driven by a multi-product agricultural industry inclusive of crops, fruit, meat, eggs, timber and most recently distilled product, ranking Hampshire in the top 10th percentile in WV on all products. The total acres farmed in Hampshire exceed over 400,000 with an estimated 800 active farms in production within the county.  Hampshire County takes much pride in the responsible use of it’s natural resources resulting in a sustainable and growing agri-economy.

The first commercial fruit orchard in Hampshire County began in 1890 and today Hampshire is the center of the fruit industry in West Virginia.




Manufacturing, Technology, Distribution:  Hampshire County’s location and proximity to Eastern market areas along with excellent transportation and shipping capability positions the county well for light manufacturing/industry, technology centers, back-fill operation and distribution business and government partners.

Hampshire County is home to Romney Cycles Inc, the number 1 Suzuki dealership in the United States.