Work Force

Hampshire County pledges an educated, loyal and work-ready workforce committed to productivity and performance. The county’s public education system, advance education preparation programs and extensive career technical and vocational programs produce a workforce with a strong work ethic and commitment to superior performance – ready to work for your business.

The Hampshire County Development Authority works closely with Workforce West Virginia coordinating employer needs with state, federal and local training resources by helping employers locate employees, upgrade employee skills to improve retention and productivity with designed training specific to employer’s needs, and prepare for future job creation needs.  The HCDA partners with the WV Eastern Technical Community College Economic Development Consortium through planning curriculum and technical education that will supply an educated and trained workforce ready to meet regional and/or individual employer needs.

If your business is considering locating to Hampshire County and requires a workforce with specific skills; please contact the HCDA at (304) 822-4320.

In Hampshire County steeped in tradition; employment is considered a privilege and responsibility resulting in employment longevity, low recruitment and training costs for employers and high productivity.

Governors Guaranteed Workforce Program

WV Workforce and Labor Statistics (Select Hampshire)